Herbed Goat Cheese

Herbed Goat Cheese

I discovered within the last couple of years that I am, indeed, a passionate lover of goat cheese.

Not really the crumbly goat cheese – I like the stuff that comes in a log and is creamy and tangy and delicious.

So when I saw //this recipe for Herbed Goat Cheese//, my mouth immediately started watering and I had to had to HAD TO make it.

It.  Was so.  GOOD.  The fresh dill, the fresh basil, the cracked peppercorns, the crushed red pepper!  These all combined to make such a cheek-tingling, savory appetizer.  I might add parsley next time, just because who doesn’t love all the fresh herbs?  But I am thinking of other herby combinations that might be good someday… tarragon, anyone?

I would advise that 8oz of goat cheese is a lot, so if you are only making this for you and your honey (as you curl up on the couch next to the fire for some Netflix and snacks?  maybe?), you may want to only halve the recipe.  We used toasted ciabatta slices, and it was the perfect heft to hold up to spreading the goat cheese.  This would be an excellent appetizer to have out at a party (using the full 8oz), in fact I could almost guarantee you that this will make an appearance on Thanksgiving or Christmas!