Chicken Wild Rice Casserole

Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole

One of my seriously all-time favorite cold weather recipes is Pinch of Yum’s //chicken and wild rice soup//.  I have never really been much of a soup person, but when I think about telling someone about this soup, I imagine that all the words coming out of my mouth are in CAPS LOCK.  It’s requiring some serious restraint right now not to shout at you about how AMAZING, how DELICIOUS, how COMFY and FILLING and COZY this soup is.  (Ok, I couldn’t restrain myself entirely.)  It’s probably THE top recipe I look forward to making every year when fall rolls around.  Just – you gotta make it.  Just go to the link and friggin’ make it.

But – much as I love that soup – I do love a good casserole.  And when I saw that she converted the soup recipe into a recipe for //chicken and wild rice casserole//, I pretty much had to try it the next day.  Literally.  Not even joking.

And guys – the flavors – all the same, if not enhanced by the toasted bread tossed in melted butter…  I mean, I could have just eaten the topping and been happy.  It might be my new go-to way of topping any casserole I make!  We didn’t have stale bread, so I sliced up some leftover French bread and toasted it in the oven to dry it out, about 10 minutes at 350 degrees F.  The leftovers were great too, and the bread cubes softened a little and made for nice little buttery plumps throughout the bowl.  I am so happy she developed this into a casserole – though it did take a long time to make, sometimes I don’t want to wait all day or bother myself with shredding chicken.  ?  Thank you, //Pinch of Yum//, once again for another fantastic recipe!