Cacio e Pepe Macaroni & Cheese

Cacio e Pepe Macaroni & Cheese

If you follow me on Instagram, it’s no secret that I looooove cacio e pepe.  During #52NewEats last year I found a recipe that I really liked and I’ve made it many times since.  So when I saw //this recipe for cacio e pepe macaroni and cheese//…. well duh, of course I had to make it.

Cacio e pepe is a traditional pasta dish consisting of spaghetti and a sauce made from starchy pasta water, pecorino romano cheese, butter, and cracked black peppercorns.  It’s creamy with a spicy bite, and the perfect comfort food.

So of course this ended up being a really yummy, rich mac and cheese!  The cheese sauce smelled EXACTLY like cacio e pepe!  So my tummy was happily rumbling as I slid that little casserole into the oven to bake!

I was a little skeptical on the use of evaporated milk in the sauce as I’d never done this before for a macaroni and cheese recipe.  But don’t let it scare you!  The sauce ended up being thick, cheesy, and very creamy!

I will say two things:

?  You could easily eat this without baking it.  I might try that next time I make it!  I love macaroni and cheese that’s creamy right off the stovetop, and don’t miss the breadcrumbs.

?  This didn’t keep very well as leftovers, so I would recommend only making what you think you’ll eat!