Sloppy Joe Cheese Fries

Sloppy Joe Cheese Fries

Listen.  When I started this blog, I felt like food creativity started coming at me from a hundred different directions.  And one of those things that popped in my head was ‘sloppy Joe cheese fries’.

I’m not sure if I’d ever seen them on a menu before or something, but I know for sure I hadn’t made them before.  And they sure as hell sounded good.

But I don’t even really like sloppy Joes.  Not the Manwich stuff anyway.  So I went on a hunt to find a yummy homemade sloppy Joe recipe, and I landed here.  Can I just tell you how positively heavenly my kitchen smelled when I made this?  This sloppy Joe recipe was SO GOOD.  It was meaty, tomato-ey, tangy, smoky… it was everything you want a slutty sloppy Joe to be, but it was PALEO.  I will definitely be making this recipe again soon!

So what I did was I made a full recipe of this and portioned it out for my husband to take to work for lunches.  And I used one of the portions to make a single serving of these cheese fries and – omg – they were so good.

This would be a great dish to make on a family movie night or for a party with friends. Get creative with the toppings too!

Sloppy Joe Cheese Fries

1 recipe homemade sloppy Joes
1 recipe chipotle cheese sauce
1 bag Ore-Ida extra crispy golden crinkles
Sliced scallions, for garnish

1. Prepare the sloppy Joes, chipotle cheese sauce, and French fries according to recipe directions and keep all warm until ready to assemble.

2. To assemble: Place the French fries onto a large serving platter. Drizzle the fries with some of the cheese sauce. Top with as much sloppy Joe mix as you desire – don’t feel pressured to use it all, as any leftovers are excellent the following day! Drizzle again with cheese sauce. Top with sliced scallions if desired. Serve and devour!