Meal Prep Monday: Ground Beef Taco Salad Bowls

Ground Beef Taco Salads
Ground Beef Taco Salad Bowls
Serves: 4
Prep Time: About 30 minutes

16oz ground beef, prepared for tacos *see Notes*
1 head shredded iceberg lettuce
1 cup prepared pico de gallo (or tomatoes)
4oz shredded cheese
2 cups sauteed poblano peppers and yellow onions (rajas)
Sour cream or chipotle ranch dressing for dressing (optional)
Hot sauce (optional)

Cook ground beef according to your taco seasoning instructions, then portion out equally into four separate containers for the meal prep. If you prefer to eat your ground beef cold, you can let the beef cool before packing it in the same dish as the rest of the salad. But if you’re going to reheat the ground beef, you will want it in a separate container from your salad.

Divide the shredded lettuce, pico de gallo, shredded cheese, and rajas equally amongst four containers big enough to hold these big salads. You may increase or reduce the amounts of any ingredient as desired. I aim for about 2 cups of iceberg, 1/4 cup pico de gallo, and 1/2 cup rajas per salad. I highly recommend packing the pico de gallo and shredded cheese into smaller containers that fit inside your big salad container, to reduce sogginess.

If you will be dressing your salad with sour cream, chipotle ranch, and/or hot sauce, I would recommend you bring these condiments with you to work instead of adding them to your salad containers. They will wilt the salad over time and it will become soggy. Yuck!

When it comes time to eat: Reheat your ground beef for about 1m 30s in the microwave, and add it to your dressed salad in its big container. Mix it all up and enjoy!

I can’t recommend Simply Organic’s Southwest Taco Simmer Sauce enough for this recipe, and any recipe involving taco-flavored ground beef!