Sriracha Ranch

Sriracha Ranch

If you know me at all, you know how much I like dips.  I like to dip things in dips.  Especially, especially, especially creamy, mayo-based dips!  I do not dip fries in ketchup.  Why would I do that when I could use the excuse to ingest more mayo?!

My favorite thing to dip things into is my //chipotle mayo//.  Seriously, this stuff is amazing, and I pretty much make a batch every week or so.  But, I recently became a fan of //Just Foods Sriracha Mayo//, and when I came upon //this recipe for Sriracha Ranch//, I was totally jazzed to try it!

My verdict?  Hm.  It was tasty, but, I like thick dips, and this was thinner, like a dressing.  In fact, it would have made a GREAT salad dressing, as written.  Also, it wasn’t all that spicy; it could have used more sriracha (note how not-pink my dip is above).  I followed the recipe exactly, and as a recipe writer myself, I know I like to err on the side of less spicy for my more sensitive readers.  And, it made a large amount, that I didn’t think I would finish before it wasn’t good to eat anymore.  SO.  Final verdict is:  I would make it again; I would halve the recipe, and further halve the milk; I would add more sriracha.  😊  All in all, this recipe was a great starting point for a sriracha-based dip, which is exactly what I was looking for!  Click the link above to check it out and give it a try yourself!

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