Cholula Mac & Cheese

Cholula Mac and Cheese

Once I perfected my homemade //macaroni and cheese//, I started noticing that my husband was desecrating his plate of perfectly creamy mac and cheese with hot sauce.  ?  The nerve!

Originally it was Tabasco.  I couldn’t believe such things.  Who dare muddle my perfectly perfected cheese sauce with Tabasco?  No!  No no no.

But then he became a Cholula guy.  And I became a Cholula girl.  And then my mom made a buffalo style mac and cheese and I thought hey.  Maybe spicy mac and cheese ain’t all that bad.

So a little while ago I made a batch of mac and cheese and split it in half.  One, I flavored with Chipotle Tabasco (one of my favoritest condiments ever), and the other, I flavored with Cholula.  I brought both to a family gathering at my mom’s house and twisted everyone’s arms to taste both and tell me which one they liked better.  I did not tell them what was flavored with what.

The clear winner was the Cholula flavored mac and cheese, but even so, the Chipotle Tabasco one was also very good!  It was really hard to choose.

There are no major changes with this mac and cheese from my //original recipe//.  The only things I did differently were a) I used rotini instead of elbow macaroni, but you can use whatever you want! and b) I added 4 tablespoons Cholula to the cheese sauce.  Everything else is exactly the same!

You can certainly experiment with adding more or less Cholula to your taste, especially if you are hesitant with spicy foods.  The 4 tablespoons was a good amount to get a bit of a kick, but not too much; but we are not too sensitive to spicy foods.  Use your judgment and taste as you go.  Enjoy!