Brie-Onion French Bread

Brie-Onion French Bread

I recently hosted a party and decided on a theme I thought all attendees could get behind – cheese and bread!!  ?  I mean, who can’t get behind that??

Back in November of last year I tore this recipe out of my Food Network magazine and could not WAIT to try it.  This party finally presented an opportunity to do so!

So – the official title of the recipe is //Brie-Onion Dip In A French Bread Bowl//, and I was having a little bit of a hard time figuring out how exactly it was a dip?  So I didn’t serve it as a dip – I sliced the French bread into roughly one-inch slices and served that way.  It was more like a finger food that way, people could just pick it up and eat it like a skinny slice of pizza.  And it was DELICIOUS.

I was kind of bummed my husband wasn’t at this party, because I know he would have really liked this.  Oh well, guess I’ll just have to make it again.  ?

The recipe was really easy to make, though I will say the onions took a little longer to caramelize for me than the directions state.  It might be because I was worried about burning them, so maybe I was cooking them a little lower than necessary.  But just be aware of that when you make this, to add some extra time in.  Otherwise – go forth and make this, my friends, it was definitely worthy!!!