Updates From In Between

View from my office

Well howdy there, partner.

You know I get to talk like that all the time now, you know why, right?


I may or may not also be watching Toy Story 2 right now and Jessie is rubbing off on me.

But seriously, YEAH, we made it.  We bought the farmhouse!  It’s not exactly the farmhouse of our dreams but the amazing thing about it is that we can MAKE it the farmhouse of our dreams.  We wanted a house that we would be able to throw ourselves into from a design and personal touch perspective and we sure got what we wished for.  Everything from a good school district (it’s actually excellent!), a good plot of land (3 acres!  zoned for horses!!), an outbuilding (a GIGANTIC red barn!), and a house with some age and character (original house built in 1880, addition added in 1983, but so much character throughout with exposed beam ceilings!!)…  We are soooooo excited.

Getting what we wished for also means we have to roll up our sleeves and put some sweat equity into it.  Thankfully, my younger brother has graciously offered to help us out with a lot of the renovations – including removing wallpaper from almost. every. single. wall. inthehouse.  ?  But the good news is, it looks like good wallpaper, which means it might come off easily – but it’s been hanging for over 30 years, so we will just have to wait and see.

So there’s wallpaper removal that has to be done, painting that has to be done, carpeting that has to be removed, new appliances that need to be purchased… We are probably dropping a decent amount of money in the first two weeks, before we even physically move in!  But I’m so excited.  I have already started drawing up floor plans for a kitchen remodel down the line, and a porch to replace a sunroom off the back of the house.  The wannabe architect and designer in me are just loving the possibilities that this blank slate is offering.

So anyway, that’s what’s been going on with me for the past few months.  First we sold our old house in the city.  That went rather well.  We are currently living with my parents while we wait to settle on the new house next month.  And hopefully by September we will be settled in enough that I can start cooking for you again… Lord knows I’ve had all kinds of ideas and I just have not had the time to execute them.  I am also excited to share some of my projects around the house with you – some DIY stuff, some design stuff, some remodel stuff, a little bit of everything!  We also have a lot of barn parties on the horizon…

I will have lots to share with you very soon, stay tuned!  In the meantime you can always see what I’m eating on Instagram @sluttyfoodblog !!