….To the place I belong….


Hello, hello, hello everyone!

I know it has been like FORRREEEVVVVERRRRRR and I am so, so sorry.  Bad food blogger!

It’s just that I’ve been soo busy with life, man.  Just, LIFE.  I am exhausted.  Can I just take a second and remind you…

In January of this year, I began clearing out my old house.  Every weekend, and some nights during the week, I worked on a closet, a room, an area of the house.  I packed it all up, I trashed what was trash, I donated what could be donated.  I did that basically from January to March.

In March of this year, we listed our old house for sale.  Also in March, I got a new job!  Anyway at that point, not only was I continuing to pack/trash/donate, but I was also having to keep the house in tip top shape for any potential buyers.  I did that from March to sometime in May, when we finally got an offer.

Once May hit, well guess what, my packing/trashing/donating did not subside there.  I was still doing that.  We have (ahem, had) a lot of shit.  Who am I kidding, we still do.  But still.  Now, on top of packing every box, filling every trash bag, and donating everything possible, I was also on the phone nonstop with contractors, scheduling things to be upgraded, fixed, whatever this buyer (FHA buyer) needed done.  I was on the phone with movers, getting quotes, getting a storage unit; I was handling and organizing and coordinating E V E R Y T H I N G that needed to be done to get us out of the house.

We moved out in late June.  If you thought that meant I’d have time to breathe well HAHAHAHUJDGHUIOEWHTGIOWAhngowenhagoweogty


So we moved out in late June, and moved into my mom’s house for a bit.  In early July, we found our new house!  So I guess you could say I had a 1-2 week break.  Because once we found our new house, well here we go, I was on the phone, all. the. time.  Handling, organizing, coordinating, asking questions, getting us the best mortgage rate (thx Brexit), analyzing reports and inspections and learning about septic systems, getting us better movers the second time around, registering my kid for school, getting medical records switched over, school physicals, dentist appointments, you know, LIFE.  Life.  It was all me.

Everything, up to this point, was all.  me.  I.  Did.  Everything.

Go look in my barn.  Every single box still yet to be unpacked has my handwriting on it.

I.  Did.  Ev.  Er.  Y.  THING.

We settled on our new house in mid-August.  And work began on it right away.  I have tonssss of amazing before and after pictures I will show you in a later post, but this house needed so much love.  So much TLC.  I’m sure you’re thinking this must be where I handed it all off to everyone else and all the experts so I could take a break but HAHAHAHAHAHAHDGHWIOEAHIOWEAHEOWAHGOEWAHGTOho


Once again, people, HERE WE GO!  We worked tirelessly on this house for two straight weeks.  Early mornings, late nights, going up after work.  Thankfully I have the most amazing, most talented brother who took a couple weeks off of his normal contracting gig to help us with everything that needed to be done.  He worked there during the day while we were at work and we joined him afterwards.  We also had lots of help from family and friends, and we pushed like hell, and we got it *mostly* done by moving day in late August.

Moving day in late August might actually have been the easiest, least stressful day of this entire year.  If you guys want a recommendation for movers, check out Lee’s Moving and Storage.  They’ll do ya right.

Literally a few days later, my daughter started first grade at her new school.  She had tons of roller coaster feelings and emotions leaving her old house and school and moving.  I wiped many tears, held her many times, her quaking little body, trying to soothe away what must have been the biggest crisis she has ever faced in her tiny little 6-year life.  But she handled it like a champ.  She got pizza and Dairy Queen for dinner that night.

Meanwhile, the work on our house continued – nights, weekends, etc.  I unpacked like a fiend.  I set a date for the housewarming party, if for no other reason than to push us all to get this house “done” by a specific date.  One can only live amongst boxes and power tools for so long.  We needed to turn it into a home.  And fast.

We had our housewarming in early October.  We utilized our barn – we strung up some lights and set out lots of food.  We got tons of yard games and built a fire.  It rained that day.  Not much, it more or less spittled all day long.  It was dreary, but the party was a total success.  So many people came out to see our new house.  I felt so blessed.  I truly did.  The house started to feel like a home on that very day.  I now understand why it’s called a ‘house-warming’ party.

And then after the housewarming party, work on the house just kind of fizzled out.  And that’s ok, I think we all needed a break.  If I had to paint one more goddamn door, I would have screamed.  The house is in about an 80% done state, I would say.  Our master bathroom is still not usable, but we are hoping it will be finished before the end of the year.  And I still have lots to unpack.  I have some time off around Christmas later this month and I am hoping to chip away at it.  Hoping to chip away at it – and make lots of recipes for you guys.  But, we are home, and we love our house, and we love our land.

Last month we also added a new addition to our family – we adopted a 5yo German Shepherd, who was rescued from a kill shelter in South Carolina.  His name is Kane (see pic above), and he is hands-down the most sweet, affectionate, velcro dog I have ever met in my entire life.  He is apparently bonding to me pretty hard.  I am “his person”, as they say.  I don’t mind it one bit.  I have wanted a highly protective dog my entire life.  I have very vivid memories of living in the city in my early 20s, constantly fighting off catcalls from gross old men, and thinking that if I just had a big German Shepherd by my side, they wouldn’t fuck with me.  Or, I could even give him a command and he’d lunge at them and bark.  I would daydream about that.  We lost our last dog, Moko, almost three years ago.  I wanted to get another one right away, but we knew we’d be moving and thought it better to wait.  As things began to settle down with the house I realized that IT WAS TIME FOR A DOG!!  And once I had my mind set on it, there was no turning back.  I started to feel that hole in my heart again that Moko left.  I had been so busy all year that I hadn’t really noticed it.  But when I started to look at rescues and see dogs that needed homes, they were pulling on that part of my heart.  We knew we wanted a big dog, and I’ve always wanted a GSD, so I looked and looked, and finally found not one, but two!  We ended up getting approved for Kane, and he has filled that hole in my heart to overflowing.  He’s an amazing dog.  I sometimes post pictures and videos of him on Instagram, go check him out.

Anyway I wanted to let you all know that I’M BACK and I am hoping to be more active here beginning in January.  I have tons of recipes I want to test (anyone want to help me eat them?  holla at ya girl) and post for you.  In the meantime, you can always catch what I’m eating and doing on Instagram @sluttyfoodblog !

Happy holidays and much love to you all!  xoxoxo