Project Potluck – “Women and Magic”

Project Potluck

//Project Potluck// was a beautiful idea born in my food blogging group on Facebook in response to the horrific events that unfolded in Charlottesville, VA, the weekend of August 11-13.  The idea was to bring people together out of love and not hate; to gather together and share some food, share a meal; to invite a diverse group into your home to share your bounty and your love for one another, for the human race.

I heard this and knew immediately I had to turn my already-planned Reiki party into a gathering Project Potluck would be proud of!  It was an amazing day filled with laughter, tears, love, and hugs.  We ate lots of delicious food, including guacamole, homemade salsa, something I’m calling my “5.5 Layer Dip” (stay tuned for the post), and buffalo chicken dip bread.  My BFF the Reiki Master performed Reiki and oracle readings on all of us, burned delicious-smelling incense, and offered homemade candles, bath bombs, sugar scrubs, and wire-wrapped crystals for sale.  Then my husband came home from work and said, “It smells like women and magic in here!”  And he doesn’t even know how right he was.

I am extremely proud to hold dear to me a very diverse group of friends.  I am proud to raise my daughter amongst these women.  They are inspiring for so many reasons other than the labels society would place on them.  Indeed, these labels can be constraints of their own – something that holds them back from becoming everything they could possibly be.  They, like any other human on this Earth, are not merely skin deep.  But these women that I hold close and dear have broken these chains, ripped off those labels, shattered many glass ceilings (let’s be honest – there is not only one), and have ensured that their path in life is serving their best interests.  They are go-getters, they are motivators, they are hustlers, they are chance-takers, they are believers of fate and faith and love and light, they are good energy, they are feel-good women, they are the kind of people you want in your village, helping you raise your children.  They are full of wisdom, and insight, and laughter, and positivity, and they love fiercely.  They don’t take anyone’s shit, and they are quick to defend at the first inclination of unfairness.

And they are Hispanic.  They are black.  They are white.  They are mixed races.  They are gay.  They are single.  They are married.  They are mothers.  They rescue animals.  They own their own businesses.  They are leaders.  They are my tribe.

You don’t have to be a white man with blond hair and blue eyes to be successful in this country.  To be a positive, contributing member of society.

The hands of the women you see in that photo above have accomplished so much in their lives just by being who they are on the inside.  They have never let a label define them or hold them down.  They are kind, accepting, open-minded women who are making this world a better place.  It is not what you see on the surface that matters; it is what is beyond their skin that makes them who they are.

I am proud to be among them.
I am proud to call them my sisters.
I am proud to raise my daughter among them.

Hate and racism have no home here.  We are not born with hate in our hearts, and I will not let it grow in my daughter’s heart.  I will change the world by loving my daughter and raising her to love as my tribe does.

With open arms, and an open heart, and an open mind.