Goodbye Summer… Welcome Fall

Goodbye Summer

It’s autumn!  My most favorite time of year ever.

I have been way out of touch and it’s not even my fault.  While I was on vacation in August I was up early one morning and decided to draft up a bunch of blog entries and queue them up for publishing.  Well I did just that – I had about 10 entries written, with pictures, and scheduled for publishing.  And the first one published.  And a few days later I came to log in and had all kinds of issues – it wasn’t recognizing me, it wouldn’t let me log in, when I got in through my service provider it said there was some issue with my database… so I called the good folks at Go Daddy and they restored my database back to the day after I queued all those posts up.  But for whatever reason, it didn’t restore any of those 10 posts – not even the one that published – the one that the Go Daddy guy said “Whoa, that looks good” when he went to my website.  So damn.  I guess that’s what I get for being an overachiever.

And then…. well… and then I discovered this highly addictive show called Pretty Little Liars on Netflix…. I’m sure you’ve heard of it.  I have been OB-SESSED.  Like all my evenings and free time have been hogged up with watching this show.  It’s a little pathetic but – whatever.  Give it a couple of episodes and you’ll be hooked too.

And then… my daughter started Kindergarten.  It was easier on us both than I thought it would be.  She went right in like a big girl and had no issues adjusting.  I went right home and worked for the day and had no issues adjusting.  Except for homework.  Yah.  Really.  Kindergartners get homework.  Granted, most nights it’s no more than 10 minutes, but still.  Homework.

Add that to my ever-exhausting job and you’ve got one food-loving chica who can’t wait to crawl into bed at 8pm and zone out and not answer to anyone else’s demands.  Even my cat’s.

So anyway.  Before I knew it, it was like 3 weeks, 4 weeks, a month and a half…. and now, almost 2 months after my last post.  And the further away I got from the last post, the more overwhelming it felt to start over again.  But I am once again motivated to keep posting, and anyway I have a bunch of new recipes to share with you too – PLUS a bunch of recipes perfect for fall and winter!  (Just wait till Thanksgiving leftovers…)

For those of you that actually read this, I’m sorry for my absence!  Please stick with me as I work out the kinks of my busy life and set aside time for this little side project of mine.  ☺️