Yay for 2018

New Year

In January of 2017, I was so burned out from 2016 that I was not even able to think about resolutions for the year.  Instead, I had some loose ideas that I kept in the back of my mind throughout the year, and after re-reading that blog post, I was surprised to see that I really did abide by them and I think I came out on top.

Simplicity / minimalism :: well I’ve definitely stayed on that track!

Health :: While I bowed out of a regular gym routine, I did start working out at home in the mornings and I’ve really enjoyed that.  And, I got a physical!  Woohoo!

Society :: I have begun to back away from social media, primarily for political reasons, because I can’t stand to see what level of hell we are living in on any given day.  Facebook is off my phone and tablet, so I only use it while logged into a computer.  I barely use Twitter.  I really just use Instagram – I find it to be the most positive place to be in terms of social media.  I also never watch the news or read the newspaper, because as I said, I prefer to live in oblivion.  So far it’s working pretty well.  #ignoranceisbliss

Food :: Well I kept my commitment to make new recipes!  That was probably the hardest thing I did out of all of these!

So for 2018, I don’t really have resolutions again, and I’m okay with that.  And honestly, if I had to think about what goals or ideas I wanted to keep pursuing, it would be the four above.  I do need to stay on the simplicity and minimalism track.  That has served me well, and I’m sure there is much more I can do, too.  Health should always be a priority.  I will get another physical this year and I also want to change some things in order to treat my body more holistically.  I have joined OrangeTheory, and I LOVE IT, so I am excited to get my fitness back on track.  I will probably continue to back off social media because Facebook sucks anymore and Trump still sucks.  Still waiting for America to be great again.  And as for food, well, I suppose I shall continue on this journey that is Slutty Food Blog, and see where it takes me.  I like what I do here, it’s a nice creative outlet for me.  It doesn’t even really matter if anyone reads it or not.

I made several new recipes over Christmas break that I will be sharing with you soon!  Also, for 2018, I will be discontinuing my #52NewEats project because that shit was hard.  I’m going to go with #12NewEats, #12NewTreats, and, new this year, #12NewDranks!  Gonna fatten up my liquor cabinet!

On a personal level, in 2018 we will finish paying off all the debt we incurred while renovating our house, which is a big deal for me because having all of that paid off will open some new doors of freedom for me.  I’m not entirely sure what the future looks like for me, but I have all year to dream about it and figure it out.  I have been thinking of some big changes I’d like to see happen over the next several years, but I’m not really in any rush and I feel like when the right thing strikes me, I will know it.  I will let the Universe take its time and trust the process.  My years are coming though, I can feel it in my bones!