S’mores Snack Mix

S'mores Snack Mix

My daughter is a sucker for anything s’mores, and for this month’s treat we wanted something simple and tasty.  She picked //this s’mores snack mix// pretty quickly and so off we went to the store to get the ingredients!

This is a fairly straightforward snack mix recipe, but next time I would do something different.  In the video on the site they mix all the ingredients in a big bowl and then spread on a baking sheet and drizzle with melted chocolate.  I would skip the bowl and instead sprinkle everything on the baking sheet one ingredient at a time.  We used mini chocolate chips and they just didn’t mix very well.  They sort of fell to the bottom and were not evenly dispersed throughout.

Otherwise, this is a YUMMY snack mix that I have enjoyed having on hand all week!  I will probably make this again because we still have all of the ingredients, and why not?!  We broke it up and portioned it out into snack bags for lunches and sweet cravings.  ?

This snack mix recipe inspired me to make my own snack mix made out of my favorite things, too!  Stay tuned for that!

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