La Bomba Nachos

La Bomba Nachos

A friend of mine shared this recipe video on my Facebook feed a few weeks ago, and I knew immediately I had to make these nachos.

La Bomba Nachos, fools!

So I did change some things.  First, I nixed the mozzarella cheese.  People.  Mozzarella cheese has no place in Mexican cooking.  Stop mixing cuisines, mkay?  K.  I replaced it with Monterey Jack cheese.  Second, when I looked at the recipe and compared it to the video, I had a hard time believing she was using only a half pound of ground beef.  So I used more like 3/4 lb ground beef.  I shredded all the cheese as indicated in the recipe, but didn’t use all of it.  It was A LOT for that amount of beef.  I used almost all of it though.

Don’t skip the cilantro – these nachos are heavy and need that pop of freshness.

Next time – I would probably drop some pickled jalapenos on top too.  These were VERY tasty as-is, but I was looking for a little spice or kick.  If you like spicy, I’d highly recommend adding some!