About My Food

When I first started planning this blog, a friend of mine urged me to establish a “concept” or a “culinary point of view”.  She said, “What are you all about?”  And I said, “Uh, slutty food.”  Duh.  But she has a good point.  I probably need to establish that in order to connect with my readers.  So, here goes it…

I am not Paleo.  But I cook Paleo recipes from time to time.
I am not Primal.  But I cook Primal recipes from time to time.
I am not gluten-free, sugar-free, grain-free, or dairy-free, though I do strive to limit the amounts of these that I consume on a regular basis.
I am not a Vegetarian.  I don’t like enough vegetables.
I am not a Vegan.  I like meat too much.
I am not a Pescatarian.  I actually hate fish and seafood (disclaimer: you will find NO fish or seafood recipes on this blog).
I am not 100% anything (except sarcastic).

I think if I were to try and pigeon-hole myself into one single box, I would say that I subscribe to Clean Eating, with occasional (okay, plenty of) cheat meals.

Maybe we could reword my Culinary POV in terms of my Exercise POV, which would be, “I workout so I can eat more.”  Because seriously, duh.  Maybe I could refine that even further and say, “I workout so I can eat slutty food.”  YES.  That’s it.  That’s basically it.

So, said from a food standpoint, my culinary point of view would be, “I eat as healthy as I can most of the time so that I can splurge some of the time.”

My #1 favorite food of all time is nachos.  I’ve pretty much never been disappointed by any plate of nachos anywhere.  The best nachos I’ve ever had in my life are the skirt steak nachos at Distrito.  The second best nachos I’ve ever had in my life are my own.  I love cheeseburgers.  I love French fries dipped in spicy mayo sauces.  I LOVE Mexican food.  Like so much that there must be Mexican in my bloodline somewhere.  Pizza is pretty great too.  And donuts are my biggest weakness.  Oh, let’s not forget cheesesteaks.  I live in a land where the cheesesteak is king, and I am currently on a mission to try them all and determine which is my favorite.  This will be a very long mission though.  There are a lot of cheesesteak shops in Philly.

People have told me that when they listen to me talk about food, I make them hungry.  They say my eyes light up with some kind of spark, and that I make them want to eat.  My dorky excitement about food is contagious, and I love that.  I love being excited about food and if you can’t get excited with me, I’m not quite sure that we can be friends.  I’m the co-worker that comes in at 8am and says, “What’s for lunch today?”  I am always thinking about food and what kind of deliciousness the day has in store for me.

So enjoy your visit here.  I hope I make you want to eat.