Country roads, take me home….

A painting of our house

It is almost time!!

We settle on our farmhouse in just a few days.  And oh my gosh I don’t think I could be more excited.  There have literally been times in the past several weeks where I’ve had to stop and think wait, did I really just buy a farmhouse with 3 acres and a gigantic barn?  Did I just do that?  Wait, I’m really gonna have THREE WHOLE ACRES?!  Three acres.  For me!  Sometimes I really can’t believe it.

But alas, ‘tis true.  I have an old farmhouse.  We originally thought it was built in 1880 but it turns out the original house itself dates back to the 1700s.  The sellers we are buying it from are only the second family to have owned this land – they bought it from the original land owners.  SO original that the cross-street is named for their last name.

DUDE.  Think about that for a second!  We will be only the third family to own this land since the 1700s.  Let the weight of that really sink in!

Now, ORIGINALLY-originally, the property was much, much bigger than 3 acres.  I believe it even extended across both streets some ways.  I’m not sure of the original size, but I know that when the sellers bought it back in 1983, they partitioned off some of the property to sell as lots.  So there are a few houses around us, but we still have plenty of space between us and them.

The picture above is a painting in the house that the sellers had made of the property after they bought it.  We asked if they would be willing to leave it, and they agreed as long as we agreed to leave it to whomever we sold the house to when the time came, to sort of pass it on down through its legacy.  How amazing is that?

Aaron and I are so excited to bring this house into its next phase of greatness.  I’ve mentioned before, the whole house is dated, but it’s all completely cosmetic.  The bones of this house are completely solid.  The seller was a builder with a “strong German work ethic!” according to his niece (who is handling his estate, as he has moved into a home for the elderly – he’s 90-something, and his wife worked until she was 92!).  Anyway, he built an addition onto the house in 1983 (when he was in his sixties!!), and built 6-inch thick walls for the addition (and I believe reinforced the existing house as well with 6-inch walls), which are supposedly amazing for keeping the house temperate in the most extreme weather.  I can attest to that, having been there a few times after stretches of 90+ degree days.  You walk into the house thinking it will be humid and oppressive, but quite the contrary – it’s not exactly cool and refreshing, but you can at least walk around and breathe and sit comfortably, without AC.  Also, I must thank him for not going completely batshit crazy with the baseboard heating units.  Have you ever seen older houses with baseboard heating that lines the entire lengths of walls throughout each of the rooms?  I have seen many houses like this on my search, and they are so unnecessary.  Baseboard heating gets really hot, really fast, and you don’t need that many units!  This guy was a smart cookie – I think he put a couple in each room, and they don’t even run the full length of the wall they are on.  THANK YOU SIR!!

Another thing I have to thank him for – getting a huge 120-gallon propane tank to power his fireplace.  While we will probably convert the fireplace back to wood-burning, we will be using the propane tank to power a dual-fuel range – with a gas cooktop and an electric oven.  Best of both worlds, and solves my crisis of ever having to cook on an electric cooktop.

I have so, so much to be excited about, and so much to be thankful for.  I chastise myself for ever thinking about walking away from this house simply because of cosmetic things.  We are going to turn this house into the most amazing forever home ever.  It’s going to be so beautiful when I am done with it.  Down the line, I have so many plans for the kitchen, upgrading the siding and shutters, adding an epic porch and some French doors, beautiful landscaping….  So much to dream about and plan for.

On a more personal note, though, I am also treating this move as a reset button for myself.  I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but lately it seems that our country is descending into a disgusting level of insanity, and there is no shortage of reports of it on all social media outlets.  Facebook is obviously the worst.  And being a full-fledged INFJ (and HSP, and empath – I am not crazy, stick with me), I have a really hard time with that stuff – just with reading it, and absorbing it, and absorbing what it means, and absorbing what it means to the targeted groups of people, and putting myself in others’ shoes and how scared they must be….  It’s completely draining.  I’m not the kind of person that can read about a person being shot by a police officer and move on with my day.  I read an article about that and start to think about the life lost, and how that person’s mother must feel, and did that person have children?, and how must the officer feel?, and so on and so forth.  And I have the same type of reaction when I read an article about an officer being shot and killed by an angry protester.  Or crowds of people mowed down with semi-automatic weapons while they enjoyed themselves on a night out.  Or Trump’s latest eruption of anger and hate and vitriol and racism.  And worst of all may be the comments on all the stories – comments full of hatred, people hating other people, and so much misinformation and lack of education, and lack of EMPATHY and COMPASSION and HUMAN FUCKING KINDNESS.  Social media has turned us into a disgusting bunch, and I don’t know what it will take for us all to realize it.  And I can’t let that stuff go.  I stew on it, and I get all upset, and it takes some effort to pull me out of it.  SO.  I will press that re-set button when I settle on this house, and quit Facebook.  And Twitter.  I’ll stick with Instagram because it’s relatively drama- and politics- and hatred-free, at least the stuff I see.  And I will stick with this blog because nobody ever comments on it anyway which is just fine with me!

I am doing this in an effort of shedding the excess, and shedding what no longer serves me, because this house will be my refuge; this is my fresh start, I will go home every day and I will pour myself into my land and my home and my family, I will reduce my reliance on social media for everything – information, validation, love, etc.  I will stop listening to the news radio station because that is just as depressing.  I am unsubscribing from all the junk e-mail I receive so I don’t have so much to clean out of my inboxes.  I am making peace with people where I can.  I am ridding myself of every burden possible, to lighten my soul and, hopefully, my outlook!  I am moving towards a simpler life, where we take care of ourselves, where we live off our land in the ways that we can, where we strive to be as self-sufficient and self-sustaining as possible.  Where I have the energy and focus to become the best mother I can be, the best wife I can be, the best cook, reader, writer, gardener, decorator, whatever I want to be.  This house will be my refuge!

And I can’t fucking wait ya’ll.