Chuy’s Creamy Jalapeno Dip

Chuy's Creamy Jalapeno Dip

I don’t really know what Chuy’s is, I am assuming it’s a restaurant of some kind, all I know is that when I saw //this dip// on Pinterest it looked creamy and delicious, and those are my two favorite criteria for anything going into my mouth.

I was excited to make it for a Mexican-themed party I was hosting, but after trying it I realized it could serve as so much more than a dip.  You could drizzle this onto tacos, onto nachos (duh), on top of enchiladas… you could definitely dip veggies in it, but tortilla chips will always win in my camp.  I bet French fries and onion rings would be great dipped in this too!

This is a very versatile dip that is so easy to make.  Don’t be scared of the amount of chopped jalapenos it calls for – as long as you chop them very small, you’ll be fine.  And there’s enough creaminess to balance out whatever heat they bring to the bowl.  Also, I had read through the comments on the website and found that a lot of Chuy’s experts felt that it was a close match to Chuy’s actual dip, but that it was missing garlic.  So I made sure I added one clove of grated garlic to the dip, just guesstimating, and it turned out really well.

This is a great dip to have out at your next party, or even just to whip up the next time you feel like settling down for a day of Netflix and snacks!!

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