About SFB

Hey everyone!  I’m Cristin.  I’m married to Aaron and we have a daughter named Maraea that we like to call the Best Kid Ever.  Because she is.

My totes adorbs fam
My totes adorbs fam

I live out in the country just outside of Philadelphia and I love the food here.  Especially the cheesesteaks.  And the donuts.  If it’s a carb, I pretty much love it.  Philadelphia has lots of carbs.  Because I love food so much, I must work out.  I try to lift heavy things and do lots of high intensity interval training.  I love reading, writing, and photography.  I’m super creative and am a textbook Pisces, INFJ, and empath.  If you know what any of that means, cool.  If not, it’s ok.  You’re here because you love food, right?  That’s really all that’s required for us to be friends.

So let’s talk about Slutty Food.  I should apologize to those of you who thought you were coming here to drool over pictures of hussies holding hamburgers or something.  That’s not exactly what “slutty food” is, at least not to me.  The term “slutty” (in my usage) originally (in my world) came from a friend of ours, who was describing something he was eating as the best version of that dish he’d ever eaten.  (Props to you Brian!  xo)  I loved the saying so much that it’s stuck with me ever since.  It’s like the highest compliment I can give to a dish.

Slutty food is food that is so wrong, yet so delicious.  It’s food you can’t resist.  It’s the juice from a cheeseburger trailing down your fingers after you bite into it.  It’s the way mayonnaise marries with melty American cheese on a hot cheesesteak to make that ooey-gooey-ness that oozes out the back of the roll.  It’s lifting that first piece of pizza up and away from the rest of the pie, with strings of mozzarella calling it back home, yet also calling to you to snatch up the wad left behind by the departing slice.  It’s the buttery, vinegary mouthfeel of an herby bearnaise sauce that makes you want to skip the filet altogether and drink the sauce directly from the ramekin.  It’s the way all the flavors and spices and textures in a dish come together for an explosion in your mouth, a realization that each component of the dish was so perfectly seasoned, planned, and executed; the elements combining yet complementing each other.

You get the idea.  I’m sure you can come up with many of your own examples of slutty food.  It’s food you want to eat.  It’s food that makes your mouth water.  It’s food that you simply cannot resist when within eating distance.  It’s food that’s so wrong, yet so right.