#52NewEatsFail :: Slow Cooker Texas Chili

Slow Cooker Texas Chili

It is with grave disappointment that I share with you today my very first #52NewEatsFail 🙁

Yesterday I went home rather excited to devour a bowl of thick, meaty, Texas-style chili, only to stir it up and find out it looked more like a Mexican beef stew than Texas chili!

I was REALLY bummed, and even went back to the recipe and the picture to make sure I’d followed everything correctly.  I sure did, but it looked NOTHING like the picture.

You see how the top picture has that thick, meaty texture?  Yes.  That’s Texas chili.  Texas chili has a thick, tomato-y gravy and no beans.  And this recipe turned out nothing like the picture.

FAIL.  😤

I will not call out the recipe here, I don’t think that’s fair.  Who knows, maybe I did something wrong, or they forgot to include a step or ingredient.  But if not, whatever that blogger did to doctor up their picture or style their food so that it looked a certain way, I’d call it false advertising.  I’ve just about lost all trust in that food blogger now!  This was not an accurate representation.

I’m no food or recipe n00b so trust me when I say I know what I’m doing in the kitchen.  I had my doubts when I threw everything into the slow cooker – how can this much stock cook down to that gravy?  Wouldn’t I need some tomato paste at least?  What’s going to thicken it?  But I thought well, maybe the flour coating on the beef would thicken it.  No such luck.

No worries, the food didn’t go to waste – my husband will eat it.  I even froze half of it so he’d have some for lunches another time.  But not me, that’s not what I wanted to eat!  On to find another Texas chili recipe, I reckon….

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