#52NewEats :: Week 39 :: Garlic Bread Spread

Garlic Bread Spread

When I was a kid my mom used to make the most buttery, salty garlic bread.  I am not entirely sure how she made it, I should probably ask her.  But one day while scrolling through Pinterest, I found //this recipe for Garlic Bread Spread// and it sounded so much like what my mom made, that I had to try it.

The recipe is easy enough to whip together, as long as you have softened butter!  I have a pretty strong broiler though, so I think next time I will just bake the bread slices instead of broiling them.  Regardless, this was pretty tasty garlic bread, and very easy to make in a pinch, so I can’t complain.  I may add some salt next time.  It’s not exactly what my mom used to make – I want to say maybe she added Parmesan cheese? – so I will have to ask her and try that too.  😊

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